Winnie Wagtail


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Why can’t Winnie wag her tail? Maybe her tail will wag if she stops trying so hard.

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When Winnie’s tail won’t wag, her mum tells her to stop trying so hard. But Winnie doesn’t want to wait and wanders off to watch how the other animals move their tails.

This wonderfully waggy tale shows how Mum always knows best.

This audio download set, includes 1 MP3 and 2 PDFs:

  • MP3 of the story, read by the author Neil Griffiths, with amazing sound effects
  • PDF set of parent and carer resource sheets. These will guarantee that your storytimes at home are fun from start to finish! Designed to help you make the most of storytimes, we have provided suggestions for questions that you can ask your child to help get them fully involved in the story. We have also provided you with ideas on how to read the story aloud. But storytime shouldn’t just end with the story and with this in mind, we have included a set of craft and game activities to ensure the fun really has just begun!
  • PDF of A3 poster


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