Sneezy Bear


Picture Book with Story Craft Pack

Bear is hungry, but he can't stop sneezing! Will food ever be within he reach?


You may well be ‘blown away’ by this charming story of a hungry bear with a bout of uncontrollable sneezing. Will bear be able to overcome his irritation or will it aid him in his quest for food? Be prepared for an earth shattering tale with an explosive ending!

A cute cuddly story for all bear lovers with a simple storyline and child friendly language.

Story crafts are a brilliant way to get creative and help the environment at the same time! Our kits are produced and packaged by the great team of volunteers at the Wiltshire Scrapstore, ( a registered charity (No:1077193). Every pack contains materials that have been donated and that would normally go to landfill.

In this pack are all you need to make a Sneezy Bear, a bee, a ladybird, 2 fish and 2 ants.

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Full instructions, templates and materials are included. WARNING: This pack contains materials that are unsuitable for children under 3 years. Please use with adult supervision ONLY.
This Story craft pack and all its contents have been produced by the Wiltshire Scrapstore on behalf of Red Robin Books.

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Written by Neil Griffiths

Illustrated by Janette Louden

ISBN: 978-1-908702-10-4

Pages: 28

Format: Paperback

Size: 255 x 230 mm


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