Red Robin Books is an independent children’s publisher based in Somerset in the UK.

We publish books for children aged up to 12, written by great storytellers and illustrated by fabulous artists from around the world. They feature strong storylines, memorable characters and enchanting language. We look for stories that are full of wit and humour, carry a message but above all can be read for pleasure.
The look and feel of our books is important to us and we pride ourselves on good design and production values. We want our products to be the best they can be, so that they are enjoyed time and time again by our readers.
We hope our books will leave a lasting memory and will set the younger generation reading them on a path of discovery and wonder.

Red Robin Books – Where story matters

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Neil Griffiths

Author and Founder of Red Robin Books

About Neil Griffiths

Neil Griffiths was a Primary School headteacher for 13 years before taking on the role of director of a National Literacy Project for the Basic Skills Agency.

Neil came up with and developed Storysacks, promoting them to schools and communities throughout the U.K. After six years, Neil began to devote all of his energies to the project and set up what is now the worldwide, highly acclaimed, and award-winning Storysack phenomenon.

Many publishers and institutions have asked Neil to contribute his wealth of experience to their projects over the years – his knowledge of learning, his gift of story, his passion for teaching, and his love of children – helping them to produce prized resources and to achieve success in the highly competitive educational market.

He has created award-winning play resources, written a nursery curriculum, a best-selling resource book on creative play for Nelson Thornes Publishers, and imaginative material for the Early Learning Centre. He has developed a scheme for supporting English as an additional language for Harcourt Publishing and has consulted for a highly successful toy manufacturer.

Neil also finds time to write his own children’s picture books, published exclusively by Red Robin Books. They feature strong storylines, memorable characters, enchanting language, and arresting illustrations. They charm children and have sold in the thousands. Neil loves to tell a story and a story time with him is a rare and highly entertaining event as he magically draws his audience into his storyworlds.

Neil is also available for inspirational training worldwide. He is known internationally for his unique delivery, exceptional energy, and his rare storytelling gift.

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Helen Elis Jones trained in Bangor to become a Primary School teacher, she taught in a number of schools, teaching all ages within EY / KS1. Later, she was appointed as a Primary Mathematics Advisory teacher, thus visiting schools, offering advice and running courses for teacher, parents and children. Helen is now a Primary maths lecturer at Bangor University, mainly involved with teaching Early Years / KS1 mathematics.

Helen wrote Walter's Windy Washing Line Activity Resource Guide.

Hilary Harriman has taught in the Primary sector for 26 years, specialising in education for 3- to 8-year-olds, and spending 9 years as the Headteacher of a rural Primary School.

In 1996, she became a Primary Education Officer, Inspector and Adviser for Wrexham LEA – subsequently taking on the role of Lead Officer for Early Education (3- to 7-year-olds), before retiring in 2013.

Hilary is totally committed to helping children learn through discovery, exploration and investigation.

Hilary wrote The Outdoor Classroom.

Anne Pratt (B. Ed. Hons) taught in the primary sector for 24 years, specialising in the education of 3– 8-year olds. She had Headship experience in both a Nursery School and a Primary School. In 1988 she was appointed Early Years Adviser for The Wiltshire LEA and was responsible for developing and extending nursery provision throughout the county. Since her retirement in 1997 she has worked as an independent consultant.
Anne wrote Sand and Water Play.


Judith Blake has worked with Neil Griffiths for many years, illustrating a number of his best selling books. Using traditional watercolour and with intricate detail, she is able to make his stories come alive! Her books include: Albert's tuneful trunk!, If Only…, Itchy Bear, The Journey, Mrs Rainbow, Ringo the Flamingo, Ten Sleepy Sloths and Walter's Windy Washing Line.

Eileen Browne is the author and/or illustrator of over forty children’s books. The best selling Handa’s Surprise has become a picture book classic and together with Handa’s Hen, has been animated, and turned into a theatrical puppet production performed throughout the country. Eileen collaborated with Neil to illustrate one of our best selling titles, Winnie Wagtail.

Gabriella Buckingham has illustrated for some of the biggest publishers in the UK, so we were delighted when she agreed to produce her wonderful watercolours for some of our stories. Her books include Grandma and Grandpa's Garden and Sam's Sack from Santa.
Find out more about Gabriella at gabriellabuckingham.co.uk

Peggy Collins is one of our most popular illustrators. From a small town in Ontario, Canada, her fun style and use of bold, bright colours has helped to create the perfect backdrops to compliment Neil's wonderful stories. Her books include Tallula’s Atishoo!, There’s a spider in the Bath!, Shaun the shy shark, Fatou, fetch the water, Don’t invite dinosaurs to dinner, The Pelican that couldn’t and Scaredy Bear.

Find out more about Peggy at peggysillustration.com

Christine Grove is an illustrator from Georgia, USA. Her first published book was Esme's Egg! What better way to announce yourself to the world than through the eyes of a chicken with attitude!
Find out more about Christine at christinegrove.com

Vicki Leigh is a traditional watercolour artist who creates beautiful illustrations in perfect sympathy with the stories. She illustrated The Scarecrow who didn't scare.

Janette Louden has a talent of being able to change her illustrate style to suit any situation! She brings fun and humour to everything she creates. With small, detailed, touches she is able to make stories come alive! Her books include Animal Antics, Did you see them too?, The Jolly Dodgers, Little Moon, Hats off!, Sneezy Bear, Sock it! and Where have you two been?
Find out more about Janette at redleadillustration.com

Doug Nash learnt his trade at Warner Brothers, becoming a Winnie the Pooh expert! He now creates his own characters in his unique cartoon style. His books include: Florence was no ordinary Fairy, Messy Martin,
No room for a baby roo! and Who'd be a fly?

Melanie Siegel is from Conway, Arkansas, USA. We were attracted by her unique style and bold use of colours, which surprisingly is all created digitally! Melanie illustrated The Best Present Ever!
Find out more about Melanie at melaniesiegel.com