Animal Antics


Picture Book

Chaos ensues when the animal kingdom are allowed to enter the World Sports Week games!

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When the World Sports Week committee can find no reason in the rules not to allow the Animal Kingdom to compete in the competition, chaos ensues!

Join in the mayhem and hang out with baboons, wrestle with bears, sail with skate, sprint with cheetahs and swim with sharks in this amazing story of animal antics!

This is the “must have” picture book for Olympic year! Every Olympic sport gets a mention and there are great opportunities to introduce the animals of the world.

Also available, a CD-ROM of 7 fabulous lesson plans and pupil resources to springboard learning during a sporting year. Animal Antics, More than a book, Lesson plans. Or both both the book and CD-ROM for a combined price of £10.


Written by Neil Griffiths

ISBN: 978-1-905434-96-1

Pages: 36

Format: Paperback

Size: 255 x 230 mm

Issues/Topic areas: Animals, sports, Olympics, countries


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