Ringo the Flamingo


Picture Book

Ringo was unlike other flamingoes, but he still made a valuable contribution to the flock.

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Ringo was not like other flamingos, as his legs just didn’t work. Even though he could not do many of the things the other flamingos could, he was still able to make a valuable contribution to the flock. Find out how his bravery was rewarded in this sensitively-told story.

New edition with new cover and Flamingo Facts section!






This story presents opportunities to discuss disability awareness and help tackle issues of self-esteem and outward appearance.

Edition with audio CD also available.

Look Inside

Written by Neil Griffiths

Illustrated by Judith Blake

ISBN: 978-1-905434-06-0

Pages: 32

Format: Paperback

Size: 255 x 230 mm


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