Fatou, fetch the water


Picture Book with Audio CD

Follow Fatou as she fetches fresh water, but returns with more than she was expecting.

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The water bucket is empty! So, follow in the footsteps of forgetful Fatou, as she fetches a fresh supply for a family feast. But will Fatou return from her journey through the village with just water, or with much more than she expected? A charming tale of the joys of giving and receiving.

The story is set in the smallest country in Africa, The Gambia. It contains a section of facts about the cultures and traditions of this colourful nation, so you can learn as well as enjoy!

We’ll also give a donation to our Project Gambia charity for every book sold, so you won’t just be getting a great story, you’ll also be helping a great cause.

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Written by Neil Griffiths

Illustrated by Peggy Collins

ISBN: 978-1-905434-16-9

Pages: 28

Format: Paperback

Size: 255 x 230 mm

Issues/Topic areas: Multi-cultural, water

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