Hey, who’s in the loo?


Picture Book

Bear really needs the loo, but it’s otherwise engaged! Who’s taking so long, and why?

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Bear can’t hold on much longer, he’s desperate, but the door is locked and the toilet is occupied. He is soon joined by Pig, Elephant, Tiger, Penguin, Monkey and Giraffe who are all needing to go too! When will their patient wait finally come to an end? Who is in the loo and why are they taking so long?











Written and illustrated by Harmen van Straaten (originally published in Dutch)

Translated by Laura Watkinson

ISBN: 978-1-908702-28-9

Pages: 28

Format: Paperback

Size: 295 x 230 x 4 mm

Issues/Topic areas: Toilets, animals, queuing, bears