Candy the zoo assistant, Boo Zoo Story Pack


Boo Zoo Story Pack

Read, play, learn and enjoy with Candy the zoo assistant and her friends at Boo Zoo. Written by Neil Griffiths and illustrated by Janette Louden.

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Boo Zoo is the home of Kevin the zookeeper along with his co-worker Candy. And charts the lives of Boo Boo the panda, Alfie the alligator, George the giraffe and Hilda the hippo.

Across six Story Packs you’ll discover 24 short stories written to offer young children exciting adventures whilst at the same time stimulating mathematical learning. An integral part of each story is the inclusion of mathematical vocabulary, such as ‘half’, ‘square’ or ‘tall’. Enjoy these words and talk about them during or after the story. They are listed at the end of each book, together with a list of the mathematics the story introduces.

Colour and shapes are also introduced through each character. Candy’s favourite colour is orange and she loves ovals!

This Candy the zoo assistant Boo Zoo Story Pack includes:

  • Four fantastic story books with Candy as the star. Each story is brimming with mathematical starting points to talk about and explore as you read or afterwards. Or just enjoy reading the stories.
    1  Candy’s spring clean – Candy’s meddling gets Kevin in a muddle.
    2  Grand opening!Join us on Candy’s cautious countdown!
    3  Candy’s calendarCandy’s calendar creates a monthly money spinner.
    4  Candy’s saleIt’s first come, first served at the Boo Zoo super sale!
  • Soft toy of Candy the zoo assistant that children will adore. (Height 30 cm)
  • A Lotto game with spinner to help develop cognitive skills.
  • A mini-laminated poster, for a constant reminder of Candy! (A4 portrait)
  • Ten plastic animals to have counting fun with. (4 elephants, 3 lions, 2 rhinos, 1 tiger)
  • A resource sheet with questions to ask and activities to try based around the stories.
  • A colour matching tote bag to keep all your Story Pack items together. (Candy’s is orange)

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