Boo Zoo


Teacher’s resource set

A highly imaginative story and play based mathematics programme for the Early Years and Key Stage 1.

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What is Boo Zoo?

Boo Zoo is a highly imaginative story and play based mathematics programme for the Early Years and Key Stage 1. Created by Neil Griffiths, this unique product comprehensively introduces the Maths curriculum for 3-7 years in the UK. Centred around a delightful zoo and adjoining safari park, six cute and cuddly characters will transport children into the wonderful world of mathematics through 25 enchanting stories. Designed for use alongside any current scheme, the materials can either introduce, reinforce or consolidate mathematical concepts and encourage children throughout to explore the subject with purpose and for pleasure. Created for ease of use and simplicity in planning, the versatile resources are instantly appealing to young children and strong storylines will allow practitioners to create endless starting points for mathematical exploration and investigation.

This fun filled resource, based on story and developed entirely through talk, play and hands-on exploration is a must for all those who wish maths be brought to life and made fun for children. So let us whisk you away into the magical world of Boo Zoo where exciting adventures await you!

What’s in the box?

The box is brimming with resources for children, including:

  • 6 super soft toy characters
  • 25 sensational stories
  • A giant jigsaw zoo and safari park base board with 36 character counters, 1 dice and 3 spinners
  • Delightful games including: Shape and character lotto, double sided dominoes, two packs of playing cards
  • 8 giant washing line cards
  • 4 criteria sheets for use with the playing cards
  • 70 Maths talk cards
  • 15 sets of cutout characters and shapes to handle
  • 50 fabulous plastic animals for use with the safari base board
  • 2 overview planning and record posters
  • A Teacher’s Multi-ROM containing the following all in PDF format for whiteboard use or easy duplication: Boo Zoo – Teacher’s guide Overview planning and record posters 25 stories 70 Maths talk cards 20 Bee-Bot® cards 7 small world safari park play mats Replica sets of all card and table-top gamesCutouts

How it works!

Watch the following training video and find out how you can get the most out of Boo Zoo!

Who’s who at Boo Zoo

Kevin is the zoo keeper, who is ably supported by Candy who works both in the cafe and ticket kiosk. Boo Boo is the lovable panda at the centre of almost all the activities at the zoo. She is joined by Hilda the mud-loving hippo, George the gentle giraffe, and Alfie the lovely long alligator! Richard, who runs the safari park next door, and Victoria the vet, who cares for the zoo animals, also pop up from time to time!

Try Me!

Download the following free sample material from Boo Zoo and see how it can work for you. We’re sure, you’ll be back for more!

Boo Zoo Try Me