Mrs Rainbow to the Rescue!


Junior fiction

A trip into town leaves Mrs Rainbow drained of colour and a very shocked shopper!

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Mrs Rainbow’s local high street is run down and deserted. Everything is looking drab and grey. Can she inject some colour to bring it back to life? Join her on her greatest challenge yet as she tries to change the local shopping experience for ever.

In support of the ‘Save our High Street’ campaign and independent shops, especially bookshops, this book encourages community spirit and helping others.

Dedicated to the army of key workers to whom we owe such a great debt of gratitude.

Written by Neil Griffiths

Illustrated by Janette Louden

ISBN: 978-1-908702-93-7

Pages: 96

Format: B-format paperback

Size: 255 x 230 mm

Age range: 7+

Issues/Topic areas: Saving the high street, Community spirit, helping others

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