The Fun has just begun! Resource Set 3


Downloadable PDFs for teachers and library staff, containing over 130 A4 sheets with activities based around five titles.

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This set of resources for teachers and library staff will guarantee your storytimes are fun from start to finish! Designed to support storytelling at its best, we offer ideas on ways to introduce the story and how to involve the children in it. We have also provided suggestions on how to exploit the story, helping you assess the children’s understanding of the storyline, and how to read the story aloud to ensure the children are fully engaged. But storytime shouldn’t just end with the story and with this in mind, we have provided a set of role-play and curriculum starting points and highly enjoyable craft and game activities to ensure the fun really has just begun!
Also, included are a poster of each book to print off and a fun fact sheet about Neil Griffiths, making it the perfect starting point to base an author week around!

This downloadable set contains over 130 printable A4 sheets with activities based around the following five titles:

  • If Only …
  • The Journey
  • Messy Martin
  • Mrs Rainbow
  • Shaun the shy shark

Written by Neil Griffiths
Pages: 130
Format: Printable PDF download
Size: A4 portrait (210 x 297mm)


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