Florence was no ordinary Fairy


Picture Book

Florence hated almost everything fairy-like, with the exception of fairy cakes, which she adored!

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Florence was a fairy who hated doing anything fairy-like.

She wouldn’t leave 50 pence under pillows if you lost a tooth, was allergic to fairy dust and positively refused to sit on top of a Christmas tree! But she did have one weakness – fairy cakes; she adored them! And that was her downfall in more ways than one. Read how this fairy with attitude overcomes her fears and gains new-found confidence!

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Written by Neil Griffiths

Illustrated by Doug Nash

ISBN: 978-1-905434-03-9

Pages: 28

Format: Paperback

Size: 255 x 230 mm

Age range: 3+

Issues/Topic areas: Self-esteem, health, fairies

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